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"Thanks a million for bird proofing my house it really worked."

Rebecca R

"After Jason and his team got rid of the birds in my roof and fumigated for lice, we no longer have to sleep with the lights on Grrrrrrreat Service!!!"

Orson J

"Hi just want to thank you for the exellent job you did in my house. Also the very friendly staff was much appriciated."

Zena N

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Pest Control in Gauteng

Pest Control in Gauteng

Gauteng pest control

Here at Gauteng pest control and exterminators we are specialists in everything to do with pest control. Whether you need a dead rat removed from your garden or a complete fumigation of a property because of wood borer infestation, we can do it all.

Well established in Gauteng over several years, our pest control technicians are all fully trained and qualified, some with over 25 years experience. All of our technicians have vehicles that are fully equipped with all the tools needed to carry out pest control in Gauteng.

There are good reasons for using a professional pest control company like ours.

Our pest control technicians are all trained to inspect and identify the species of pest that is causing you problems and also the extent of an infestation.

We will carry out a risk assessment, identifying any possible threats to you, your property and any pets you have.

They will discuss the best course of action to be taken with you before any treatment is done.

They will decide which pesticide is most suited to the problem and are all trained and qualified and will only administer the correct, safe dosage applicable to your needs.

We will also advise you on any measures that can be taken to prevent the problem recurring.

There are many insects, rodents and birds that are classed as pests, here are just a few that we deal with in Gauteng;

Garden ant control, pharaoh ant control, bed bug fumigation, bee control, carpet beetle treatment, cockroach control, flea fumigation, fly control, mice control, moth control, rat control, wasp control, wood borer fumigation and termites etc.

At Gauteng pest control we also do regular termite inspections for our business clients. This is something that should be done on a regular basis on any property. With our termite inspections we use specialist equipment, as well as good old fashioned eyes and ears, to send sonar pulses through timber to see if there is any hidden damage that is not found by the human eye.

We also do pigeon trapping and removing, live pigeon removal and dispatching, birds nests and eggs removal, bird proofing with wires and netting.

Squirrels are another nuisance pest that can do damage to your attic. Here at Gauteng pest exterminators we specialize in the catching and disposing of squirrels in a safe and humane way.

Whatever pest you have, you can feel assured that they are being dealt with professionally and correctly here at Gauteng pest exterminators.

Just give us a call and we will arrange for one of our Gauteng pest control technicians to pay you a visit, assess the situation and arrange a treatment. If you agree on the price quoted, 95% of the time the work can start there and then. In some circumstances, like fumigation, it may be necessary to come back at a more convenient time as the property has to be prepared and empty. Also depending on the pest and treatment provided, a second follow up call may be needed just to ascertain the progress of the treatment that was carried out.

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